Become a Roadie/Volunteer

Interested in becoming a volunteer, joining the BT Crew and becoming a Roadie? Well, here’s our pitch in 9 simple letters.

We need you.

Except for our fearless executive director Matt Strickland, Band Together is run 100% by volunteers. Every penny we raise goes directly to our select nonprofit recipients. That means our BT volunteer crew is crucial to making our events a success.

About two months prior to our annual event, weekly Band Together committee and volunteer meetings begin. Activities, such as our After Work Socials and Days of Service, occur year round and events, like The Last Band Standing, will also need volunteer support. Ultimately, we put most of our energy into one kick-booty annual concert event.

Once we determine which committee interests you, we’ll put you in touch with the right person to get things rolling. So, whether you want to volunteer throughout the year, the day and night of the event, or post event – remember those 9 simple letters above.
We need you.

Take Action. Join Us. Here’s How

1. If you would like to get involved, please look at the list of volunteer committees below then complete our volunteer inquiry form to let us know what you’re interested in.

2. We’ll put you in contact with the appropriate committee chair and volunteer lead so you can get involved! Band Together does request that all volunteers purchase either a General Admission or VIP ticket to help support our cause. Information on how and where to purchase will be available before tickets events. And if you’re unable to purchase a ticket due to financial reasons, please let us know and we’ll work with you.

Thank you again for joining us to inspire more great music in the Triangle and for helping raise funds and awareness for so many wonderful community-driven organizations.

Volunteer Committees

[+] Click the titles below to view info for each volunteer committee


Movers, shakers, makers of good things that happen – however we refer to them, we cannot emphasize enough just how important our fundraisers are to Band Together. You see value and purpose in our mission and support us like the true rock stars you are: you ask targeted donors and court them along the way, not just for one event but with the goal that sponsors will want to come back for more. Our support team, from admins to nonprofit partner to communications team will make the process painless, rewarding and fun.

Set Up / Facilities / Ticketing

Are you a mover of mountains or a ‘band’-tastic organizer? Do you laugh in the face of shhweatiness and smile while you hurdle adversity? Can you procure merchandise and services with “resourcefulness” (your good looks and sweet talkin’) in order to save an almighty dollar?

  • Pre-event needs: coordinate ‘rentables’ like tents, risers, tables, and trash cans.
  • Day-of needs: stage set- up, barricade placement, tables and tent set up for entrances. Act as runners and manage setup and breakdown.
  • Night-of needs:
  • Volunteers to work the general admission entrances
  • Check photo ID’s
  • Sell tickets
  • Volunteer Ambassadors
  • Escort VIP guests from entrances to the VIP tent
  • Upsell VIP tickets to guests as they arrive

Volunteers at entrances will pass out cards with information about the charity, silent auction, band schedule, food and beer availability and event layout.

Silent Auction

Are you connected to lots of retailers or not afraid to ask every place you shop for a donation? Are you comfy in a high energy, fast-paced compact area with voracious bidders trying to outbid each other as the clock strikes 10PM? Can you take charge with a smile on your face?

Band Together’s silent auction has a compounded growth rate of an astounding 98% over the last 5 years. It includes 200+ items from athletic tickets, gift certificates and vacation homes weekends to wine tastings, art, and travel.

  • Pre-event needs: solicit items for donation; consider creative packages like tickets to a basketball game accompanied by an autographed ball, dinner for 4 and a limo ride.
  • Day-of needs: Display items appropriately so that bidders can make bids without having to ask a lot of questions.
  • Night-of needs: answer questions, deliver correct merchandise and close out winning bidders with credit cards.

Guitar Raffles

Are you the person that your friends count on to be your wingman/woman? Are you an extrovert unafraid to talk to anyone? Can you pleasantly and humorously ask event goers to buy $5 raffle tickets? Can you nudge folks into helping the cause just a little bit more and do so with a genuine smile? Can you stave off rejection in an upbeat manner?

The raffle committee is responsible for selling $5 raffle tickets prior to the event and the night of the event for three autographed guitars from the featured bands.

The night of the event, you’ll be asked to take one of the guitars and canvas certain areas and sell $5 raffle tickets with another extrovert for a specific shift. You’ll be responsible for the tickets sold and money collected. This committee works closely with the Silent Auction committee. It is a great opportunity to work the event while interacting with the crowd!


Is event planning your middle name? Do you pre-write your holiday greeting cards before sweater weather arrives? Do you have attention to detail and an eye for style? Are you task–oriented? Do you enjoy interacting with those who are “very important”? Are you absolutely ok with picking up empties, or a plate full of pasta off of the ground?

VIP guests are comprised of our corporate sponsors and individuals who have paid ~$150 per ticket to be a part of an exclusive/networking area. The VIP area is roped off with a great view of the stage, private restrooms, complimentary food hosted by high profile restaurants around town as well as beer and wine.

  • Pre-event needs: secure items needed to create a quality experience (tables, table cloths, lighting, accoutrements, etc.).
  • Day-of needs: set up VIP area to create an experience for guests with clean area, lighting, tables, tents, & a raised stage.
  • Night-of needs: greet guests at the VIP entrance, help keep the VIP area clean and food/wine replenished.
  • Pre-event: organize and assess where all items need to end up after Elvis has left the building.
  • Post-event needs: Inventory assets. Organize and put everything in correct bins. Separate merchandise such as table cloths for dry cleaning, fold tables and chairs, place silent auction items that didn’t get taken home in a secure location.


Much like a well played bar chord, the feel good vibes of a BT concert resonate long after the show. We aim to keep that note ringing by thanking the folks who helped make it all happen. So, are you conscientious? Do you dig spreadsheets? Are you organized enough to mail 100 varying thank you notes with tax information to sponsors? Do you mind delivering recognition gifts and returning sponsor banners, even though you get tax credit for mileage?

Although most of the work involved with the follow-up committee happens after the event, it truly is one of our most important committees. We always want to personally thank our corporate sponsors and those who have helped make the event a success. Thank you notes, plaques, photos, banner return and other items need to be written, designed and delivered.

Volunteers on the follow-up committee should be familiar with the event and be able to express thanks to the list generated by the Band Together board and steering committee. Many Follow Up volunteers work on other committees.

Clean Up

Are you going to be available and sober enough to work for about 1 hour at 11:15PM? Can you organize all of our physical assets without breakage? Do you mind shimmying up a wall to pull down banners lovingly?

It’s always fun to throw a big party, but clean up comes with the territory.

Important Bonus Note: beer cans and non-Band Together owned things will be managed by a professional cleaning crew.


Do you have a handle on the charity scene? How about the music? What about live concerts and similar events to Band Together (Shakori Hills Music Festival, Hopscotch, Sparkcon, even First Fridays, etc.). Do you have experience managing media? Do you love writing? Do you have design skills or a promotions background? Does “SMM” stand for something recognizable?

Action items: Spread the word by passing out hand bills in offices and at similar events and posting flyers in retail locations and corporate offices. Negotiate with media outlets. Help us write copy for newsletters, design posters, and generally promote the show in traditional and innovative ways.

Ticket Sales

Were you the kid who ran a lemonade stand – then ruthlessly took over your next door neighbors lemonade stand? Did you have your neighborhood “on lock” when it came to Girl Scout cookies sales? Not afraid to hit all of your co-workers up for a ~$22 sale for a great cause and event?

Ticket sales cover event expenses. We need help selling tickets BEFORE the event in a grassroots effort.

Bonus: we always have a great incentive/prize for the person who sells the most. Winners usually sell 40 tickets so winning is attainable.

Volunteer Coordinators

Are you uber-personal and have a knack for organizing misguided spreadsheets? Our Volunteer Leadership Coordinators are people who will welcome new kids to the group, assess volunteer interests and talents and get folks involved in Band Together opportunities. Coordinators also help develop volunteers into leadership roles and gather feedback from them to strengthen our efforts.

There are year round volunteer opportunities but the girth of work occurs 10-12 weeks leading up to the main event, typically a Saturday in late Spring. Volunteer Coordinators manage main event volunteer training and all day-of volunteer activities. Day of volunteers are approximately 100 strong. We are also proud to say that we have had only 2 no-shows in the last two events!

Interested in leading, mentoring, organizing and welcoming….essentially being a key face of our organization? Please let us know!

After Work Socials

Can you take little to no budget and create a solid event experience? Are you connected to musicians who are willing to play just because? Do you know social establishments who can house up to 250 people on a Thursday (6-9PM) in a semi-private setting? Can you help create fun and engaging activities – like a Thumb Wrestling tournament – that can get attendees mixing and mingling?

Check out: and let us know if you’d like to help with our monthly social: Good people. Music. No covers or asks for money. Ever.


Can you use a calculator with your eyes closed? Are you meticulous, to the penny, about budgeting? Are you a CPA who likes to party at least a little? Do you dream about how cool spreadsheets are? (If you answered “yes” to that last question does it worry you?) If so, we need your help!

Grant Writing

Band Together is mostly a pass through agency in that the majority of the dollars we net, go directly to the partner charities we select to partner with each year. However, we have a secondary mission that ties into the Arts. We support the music. And we need grant writing help to generate capital to help us with the goal of supporting music in The Triangle. Have some ideas for outlets and grant writing experience? Bring it awn.

Last Band Standing Event

Our “Last Band Standing” event helps us with our goal to support local music. First, by support local musical talent and, second, as the event grows, and possibly by help our area’s music programming in the public school system. We need event coordinators, promoters, music lovers, idea mavens, “ticketeers”, and more.

Year-Round Roadies

To keep the wheels on and the organization growing, we rely on a core of dedicated volunteers who routinely give their time beyond the annual Main Event. For those who want to get even more involved in Band Together and in volunteering in the community, but aren’t quite sure how…we found your cure! Be a Year-Round Band Together Roadie! You won’t be required to volunteer all year, but know that we need volunteers all twelve months.

As a Year-Round Roadie you will have the opportunity to:

  • Volunteer monthly at local non profits and represent Band Together
  • Help out at Band Together events like Last Band Standing and Casino Night
  • Get to know other Roadies at Band Together After Work Socials and other BT events AND
  • Work to make the BIG event in late spring be the most successful BT endeavor, ever!

How do I become a Roadie?

Great question and the answer is simple, first – sign up to be on our volunteer listserv so we can keep you updated on upcoming volunteer opportunities. You can also send us an email to indicate how you’d like to help – or if you have any questions.


Day of Service

It feels good to give back. Volunteering with Band Together is a great way to make a difference in our community, and that’s especially true with our Day of Service projects. Whether it’s helping with beautification projects at our partner’s site, or helping children and adults with special needs with holiday craft projects, we have monthly group projects with our nonprofit partners. It’s a chance to learn more about these worthwhile organizations and make a personal connection.

Find out about upcoming projects and register or subscribe to the volunteer link below.

To be added to our Volunteer/Subscriber list, please Sign Up Now: