The 2012 Band Together-Urban Ministries Partnership

Urban Ministries of Wake County


To raise $600,000 for Urban Ministries to support the Open Door Clinic in its work to provide effective and efficient medical care to low- income, uninsured adults.

Facts About Urban Ministries

What will this funding help Urban Ministries do?

Answer: Maintain Top-Quality Care

The lingering economic downturn has resulted in budget cuts over the past several years, while demand from our neighbors in need has soared. Funding from the Band Together partnership will keep the threat of cuts at bay. The Open Door Clinic currently provides top-quality care and prescription medicine to 1,900 patients with chronic diseases each year.

Answer: Serve More Uninsured Patients

Until recently, the Open Door Clinic had stopped accepting new patients from the community because of limited resources. The Band Together funding will allow Urban Ministries to add 420 new patients in the Clinic over the next two years with 1,680 patient visits, all lab work and prescriptions. With more than 123,000 uninsured adults in Wake County, and 90,000 people living in poverty, the need for medical care for low-income adults is staggering. Urban Ministries is helping address this critical issue, and with funding from the Band Together partnership, we can be even more responsive to our neighbors in need.

Urban Ministries and Band Together - Graphic

“You never think that you will be in a position to need the help provided by Urban Ministries. I feel we go through life thinking it is the other person that is hit with job loss, financial strife, and health issues, not us. But when it does hit our own family we are devastated and lost…We have been blessed to get another chance at getting back on our feet again and I am so thankful for it…”
— Joyce, Urban Ministries Client

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