Each year, Band Together selects a different nonprofit in our area to partner with and improve our community. Our goal: Make the Triangle and our state the best place to live, work, play and raise a family… for everyone.

Shortly after our founding in 2001, we decided to focus our efforts on social causes in our community. Through the generous support of corporate and individual sponsors, the hard work of our nearly 100% volunteer family, and our carefully selected nonprofit partnerships, we’ve raised more than $6.5 million since we started.

Our annual nonprofit selection is a detailed and thorough process that vets the needs, goals, opportunities, sustainability and financials of potential 501(c)3 organizations who apply. Once selected, partners embark on a more than 1-year collaboration to strengthen fundraising, build organizational capacity and raise brand awareness.

Partnership 101

Learn the basics of why and how we partner each year and the steps involved.

Forms and Application

Find out more about what’s required and our process for accepting applications.

Selection Timeline

See our timeline and schedule for selection from start to finish.

How to get involved

Just getting started? Get your feet wet by volunteering or sampling our events.