Current Partner

Strengthening our Community… by Banding Together

With our selection of Triangle Family Services as our 2018 partner, together, our organizations will focus on strengthening the community by providing services which strengthen families. Triangle Family Services utilizes proven interventions to deliver compassionate client centered services that support a safe, secure and stable community. Proceeds raised during the 2018 partnership year will be used for initiatives to:

  • Wrap our arms and services around families providing the mental health care they need to truly heal.
  • Expand evidence-based mental health interventions for children and adolescents following significant trauma and loss, as well as for adults grappling with PTSD.
  • Expand multigenerational care to provide stability for entire families in their darkest hour. While most children have access to healthcare coverage, many adults remain uninsured and are unable to access services.

For more about our selection, view our announcement release or the Triangle Family Services website for information on all their programs. To support our partnership, please visit the sponsorship section for more information.